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There are a variety of job opportunities in multimedia technology spread along a wide horizon of industries. In this day and age, information presented to a large audience often contains digital and print images.
The use of text and animation can often enhance the communication of an important message. With a strong back ground and skills in multimedia technology, you might find job opportunities in marketing and advertising. Or you could discover your work nice in the publishing industry, where there is the need for designing, managing or generating multimedia content for websites, newspapers or magazines. Even libraries, museums, cable TV, retailers, film makers and training departments offer jobs to people with skills in multimedia technology.

Career Opportunities In

  1. 1) Web Design Studios
  2. 2) Website or Portal Development Companies
  3. 3) Print & Publishing Houses
  4. 4) E-learning Companies
  5. 5) Television media Companies
  6. 6) Graphic Design Studios
  7. 7) Multimedia Production Houses
  8. 8) Advertising Agencies

Multiple Job Profiles

  1. 1) Web Designer
  2. 2) Layout Designer
  3. 2) UI, UX Designer
  4. 4) Flash Animator
  5. 5) Graphic Designer
  6. 6) Page Layout Artist
  7. 7) Web Animator
  1. 8) Illustration Artist
  2. 9) Web Game Designer
  3. 10) Image Editor
  4. 11) Flash Designer
  5. 12) Digital Artist
  6. 13) Visualiser
  7. 14) Interactive Designer


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Admission going on Web Design , Graphics
Design and Web Developement


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